2005_06_cabaret.jpgA group of dancers is suing the New York City over its cabaret laws. Currently, NYC requires any establishment with three or more dancers to have a license. And many establishments don't, because they are difficult to get and are only allowed in certain areas. Norman Siegel is representing the dancers, and told the press, "Most New Yorkers think we're making it up. They [people] don't believe ... if you get up and move your body to a jukebox and that bar or restaurant doesn't have a cabaret license, [it] can be padlocked." Newsday also had this fabulous quote from the Mayor, though it's unclear when he gave it: "I don't think in this day and age we need dance police." But we do need the smoking police! Gothamist hopes the dancers are successful in keeping dancing where it belongs: Wherever the bootyshakers want it to belong.

This reminds us of Rheingold's "Don't Sleep" campaign, that made fun of NYC's strange laws about smoking, dancing, and being able to sit on milk crates. And Gothamist doesn't know any of the songs on Billboard's Hot Dance Music list.