2006_03_31_implants.jpgIt's Friday afternoon and if you are anything like us you are sitting in your office, wishing desperately that you could be, oh, outside? Trust us, we feel your pain. (Well, at least this part of Gothamist does). So here, why not let the Post entertain you, just a bit, with some good old fashioned schadenfreude.

Three angry women claim an Upper East Side plastic-surgeon-to-the-stars turned them into freaks by stuffing massive, Pamela Anderson-sized breast implants into their chests when they wanted only modest boob jobs.

The women claim that their enormous new mammaries given to them by Dr. Brad Jacobs have left them depressed, embarressed, in pain and in one case "radically deformed" (Tip o' the hat to the Post headline writer who came up with 'THEIR BRA CUPS RUNNETH OVER'). "I was horrified," one of the women told the Post, "I went into my closet and I couldn't button anything. I couldn't look at myself. I becamse extremely depressed."

Jacobs' lawyer, of course, denied the allegations pointing out that "Dr. Jacobs has performed over 11,000 breast-implant procedures since 1995. He has literally thousands of satisfied clients." But this is not the first time that Jacobs has gotten in trouble for his boob jobs. Last year a jury "awarded $130,000 in damages to a patient who got silicone implants, not saline, put in by Jacobs."

So kids, who wants to tell us what the moral of this story is?

Implants from blackcoil's flickr stream.