After fighting against parents and politicians dead set on keeping her from becoming Schools Chancellor, Cathie Black could at least find comfort in the fact that Mayor Bloomberg thought she was the best person for the job. And now that even thatmight not be true, Black is forced to defend her credibility all on her lonesome, yet again. She told Good Day New York, “What he said to me is, ‘You’re the first person I’ve offered this job to.'" That doesn't mean he's not pining away for the sweet educational experience of Geoffrey Canada.

To further blame Bloomberg for the Cathie Black mess, Black says Bloomberg may not have known that she didn't meet the educational requirements for the job, which are now the subject of one of the lawsuits regarding Black's appointment. She said, "I don’t know that for a fact. I assume he had done his homework — as he should have."

Canada has not said whether Bloomberg actually offered him the job, but he did acknowledge that Bloomberg asked for his advice on the search. As for the lawsuits against her appointment, Black said she isn't worried. She said, "I’ve got the job; I’ve got the job. I am their chancellor.” It's like she knew it all along.