Guess last night wasn't the best night in Gotham's Clubland, eh? As the culmination of a nine-month NYPD narcotics investigation it seems the city closed seven Manhattan nightclubs, completely shutting down five of them.

Details are still coming in, but we know this much: The five clubs that were shut down completely were Club Deep, View, Splash, Spirit and Avalon (aside, how many times can they shut the old Limelight down? Isn't this like the trillionth time they've done this?). Meanwhile Club Speed and Steel Gym "were issued "restraining orders," meaning they can stay open if they stop illegal activity."

And what shocking (SHOCKING!) illegal activities were going on that shuttered all of these clubs? Why, nothing but the old standards: police officers being propositioned for sex, illegal narcotics for sale and intoxicated minors buying booze.

Were any of you at any of the clubs when they were being closed? Leave a comment. And how long do you think till all of these places reopen with new names?

Avalon photo from Lorenzodom's flickr stream.