Commuters hoping to get to Manhattan this morning by way of Queens are advised to transfer to the Long Island Railroad, or just turn back now and crawl into bed.

According to the MTA, a broken rail near Queensboro Plaza knocked out service for much of the 7 line this morning. As of 9:45 a.m., service was beginning to run again, albeit with "considerable" delays. Thanks to the busted rail, combined with some poorly timed signal problems at 36th Street/Northern Boulevard, the E, M, F, and R trains are beset with "extensive" problems as well.

The situation seems to be especially dire at Court Square, where commuters are reporting that things have gone "horribly dangerously awry." The station, which has seen a ballooning ridership in recent years, has previously raised concerns among MTA officials for its insufficient rush hour capacity.

Over in Times Square, the scene is not much better.

The Long Island Rail Road was accommodating riders with free transfers at Flushing-Main St, 61 St-Woodside and Penn Station. That offer has since been revoked, despite the MTA's own assessment of ongoing dysfunction at five separate Queens-originating lines. (We've reached out to the MTA about this; they did not immediately respond.)

So, you're on your own. The good news is that, as long as you're stuck waiting for a 7 train inside a steamy station, the odds of getting plunked in the head by a falling chunk of metal debris are significantly lower.