Even though he went by "Prince Josef von Habsburg-Lothringen of Austria," 50-year-old Josef Meyers was actually just a deadbeat dad from Michigan, now in jail for owing more than $200,000 in child support to his first wife. Instead of paying up, he spent his salary as an FBI informant on a loft on Broome Street that he shared with his second wife. One source told the Post, "He would walk around SoHo in banker-style suits. It was always very preppy with expensive, intellectual-looking spectacles. Sometimes he would even wear a cordless hair dryer on his belt like it was a gun." Umm, what?

Meyers, a formal mental patient, has a long rap sheet. He was arrested in a 1987 drug raid, and in 1989 was convicted of stealing and cashing a $100,000 check. He even attacked his own mother at the age of 21. But he was hired as an FBI informant, and was paid enough to keep up the illusion that he was rich royalty. One neighbor said, "It was so bizarre. Their apartment was full of chandeliers and Chinese antiques. It was always cool to be in there because you felt like you were in a Habsburg's apartment."

He was arrested on May 17th in a one-bedroom in Battery Park City, where he was hiding in a closet. His second wife and three kids were also in the apartment, and neighbors say they haven't seen them around the Broome Street loft recently. But that doesn't mean Meyers has given up on his extravagant life, or name. His lawyer said, "Mr. von Habsburg is looking forward to addressing the charges in Oakland County Circuit Court. He's a devoted family man." We can't wait for the Fake Rockefeller-esque Lifetime biopic.