2007_05_bustatack.jpgYesterday WNBC.com's Josh Einiger was covering Busta Rhymes Manhattan criminal court appearance and ended up becoming a news story himself.

When Rhymes arrived, all the reporters crowded around and pushed microphones in his face, hoping he'd say something about the charges.

"Basically I was bumped by another reporter and my microphone accidentally hit him right in the nose," Einiger later recalled. "He stopped walking and glared at me."

After an awkward silence, Einiger said he was sorry for the mistake, and Rhymes slowly continued with his walk.

"I never once even heard his voice," Einiger said.

This reporter has clearly forgotten two main rules in life:

1) Don't hit Busta Rhymes in the face.


Not only did he snitch on Rhymes by reporting this story, but he was quick to blame this "other reporter" for the incident. Footage can be seen here.