2007_03_busta.jpgWe thought things were a little too quiet in the Busta camp. Yesterday a Manhattan judge took back her previous plea offer of no jail for his two outstanding assault arrests, stirring things up once again.

According to the Post, he either has to go "to trial on the assaults or work out a new deal with prosecutors - who've already said they want him caged for six months." The judge, stating the court's previous offer was off the table, said "there will be no disposition in these cases today. All cases will be adjourned for trial - May 8."

After all of this, came the last straw when he ran the red light (with a suspended license) at Warren Street and West Broadway, allegedly cursing out the cops, "You don't mean s- - -. You hide behind the shield."

Maybe he'll just end up at the DOS for a week.