2006_08_tire.jpgA front tire is believed to be the cause of Monday's Greyhound bus crash in upstate New York. A tractor trailer driver that saw the bus careen out of control said that it "appeared to him that one of the tires had failed on the front end of the bus." Officials did find a deflated tire, though they aren't sure if the tire deflated before or during the accident. Five people died, including the bus driver (who "desperately fought to keep the bus upright," according to an EMS official) when the bus crashed through a guardrail and fell down a gully, flipping a few times.

The NY Times' coverage mentions an Upper West Sider who was thrown through a window "to find herself at the bottom of the gully, lying in a puddle of water" and two physician sisters who driving back to the city from Montreal stopped to help treat the injured. Forty-eight passengers were injured, and 21 are still hospitalized.