Noses not yet acquainted with Bushwick's unique dog-poop-and-trash-scent will soon flock to the 'hood by the hundreds, thanks to an inexplicable apparent hotel boom. Last week, it was revealed that not one, but two hotels were hoping to pop up in the area. And now, plans for a third potential hotel have been announced, because there's nothing tourists like more than to sleep a stone's throw away from the scenic Boars Head plant.

Plans have reportedly been filed to construct a 144-key hotel at 232 Seigel Street between Bushwick Avenue and White Street. That hotel—which is expected to boast ten stories, a gym, and a restaurant—is located just two blocks from a potential 112-key hotel at 71 White Street, plans for which were filed last week. That 7-story space is expected to contain a restaurant, retail space, gym and bar, in addition to all those rooms.

And just a couple days before that project was proposed, the development company behind a monstrous upcoming Wythe Avenue hotel proposed building a 140-key hotel at 27 Stewart Avenue, off the Jefferson L stop. So, if all these hotels do indeed break ground, Bushwick's looking at netting nearly 400 key-wielding tourists over the next few years, and that doesn't even count the eight story hotel currently going up at 9 Beaver Street in the future. Fittingly, all of Bushwick's long-term residents are getting forcibly shoved out of their homes, so there'll be plenty of room on Knickerbocker Avenue for lost tourists to wander.