Photo via brunocerous's flickr

In the latest played out "___ is the New ___" headline, the Brooklyn Paper declares: Bushwick is the New Williamsburg, which of course means next year's headline will read: Ridgewood is the New Bushwick. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

The report comes on the heels of Curbed noting that Chelsea art gallery Luhring Augustine has bought a 10,200-square-foot Bushwick warehouse at 25 Knickerbocker Avenue—as they boiled it down, Bushwick is the Next Chelsea. At press time we have not yet completed this puzzle to determine whether or not this means Williamsburg is the old New Chelsea. But no matter, this all points to Bushwick being the Next Promised Land.

As for that Brooklyn Paper report, they base their declarations on the census figures released this week, which basically say that Bushwick "is becoming a haven for middle and lower-class whites. That population has grown more than 15 percent in the 10 years, and its income is declining rapidly—median incomes top out in the upper $30,000s." Translation: young creatives sans trustfunds who just want to focus on their canning are now primed to take over the 'hood. One two year resident pioneer told them, “This is a real affordable artist community, a lot like Williamsburg used to be. Williamsburg is too freaking expensive. Here, there’s space, and artists are everywhere. It’s just got that vibe now.”