Everyone knows Brooklyn's filled with homesick Midwestern transplants who clutch their bespoke blankets at night and sob for lost suburban comforts, like Pirates of the Caribbean t-shirts from Hot Topic or Spencer's Gifts's fart powder. So it makes sense, then, that developers have decided to build a shopping mall in Bushwick, and a proposed rendering of the space shows it'll REALLY fit in with the rest of the neighborhood.

The mall will be located at 82 Bogart St., only a few blocks from famed pizza joint/internship magnate Roberta's off the Morgan L stop, and is tentatively slated to open sometime at the end of this year or in early 2014; it's been marketed as a "grittier Chelsea Market," but renderings in a marketing flyer [pdf] distributed by Massey Knakal, the brokerage firm responsible for the building's sale make it look more like The Standard Brooklyn than anything else.

There's no word on what kind of retail stores this mall will feature—early reports suggested the space might house an Urban Outfitters because everyone else is doing it—and a representative from Massey Knakal told Bushwick Daily that the rendering "is not final; it’s just a proposal at this point to help us market the property." On the bright side, since Bogart Street lies just beyond the reach of Bushwick's Community Board 4; Ruby Tuesdays can totally serve Frozen Chillin' Ritas there after midnight.