It's probably already too late for Bushwick—Zosia Mamet has closed the deal on a $1 million building there, and Castle Braid beckons parentally subsidized "makers" with its Holistic Arts Center and artfully arranged pod chairs. Who doesn't want to live among the endless Prosecco taps and the live-action milk baths? Quick, get us some luxury highrises—hundreds of them.

Not so fast, says Councilman Antonio Reynoso, who in January was elected to take over term-limited Diana Reyna's 34th district seat. A Williamsburg native, Reynoso made fighting gentrification one of his main campaign platforms, informing attendees of the most recent Community Board 4 meeting that he intends to implement rezoning as "a means to preserve the character of the neighborhood," the Brooklyn Paper reports.

But Reynoso staff are adamant that any plans are very much nascent, the councilman having only just floated the rezoning idea to community board members with apparently little by way of concrete strategy. "There's really not much content, it's just in the idea stage," Reynoso's deputy chief of staff, Jennifer Gutierrez, said repeatedly in an interview. She said a more concrete agenda will solidify over "the next few months," but by then it will surely be too late. Plans to convert the former Rheingold Brewery site into nearly 1,000 apartment units were OK'd by the City Council in December, and once the dam breaks, there will be no stemming the tide of wealth-mongering developers.

Will Reynoso and his slow-plodding plans make it in time? Maybe we need resident bad ass Rosa Rivera on the case instead.