The hit and run driver that struck Dulcie Canton on her bike in Bushwick last month was caught on video and seen by a witness. The side view mirror that broke off the vehicle during the collision helped Canton identify the car that hit her. Though Canton's attorney sent three letters to the 83rd Precinct imploring officers to investigate her case, they have not questioned the alleged driver. Last night the precinct commander gave an explanation as to why they've ignored Canton's case: she hasn't contacted them.

Bushwick resident Franklin Rosado, one of two concerned cyclists who attended last night's 83rd Precinct community council meeting, says both asked Captain Maximo Tolentino why the case hasn't been prosecuted, and Tolentino gave the same answer both times.

Bushwick Bicycle Hit-and-Run Crash Video (2/2) from Vaccaro and White on Vimeo.

"I brought up the fact that I wear a helmet camera every day, and that if I get into an accident, I want my video to serve as testimony if I don't make it, so why isn't the video serving as an impetus for an investigation here?" Rosado says. "He basically said they're waiting for the victim to come in and report it."

Rosado, who has lived in and around Bushwick for over 10 years, said Captain Tolentino made it a point to tell the residents that he was cracking down on cyclists.

"He said they had handed out 36 citations to cyclists since the last meeting."

While the NYPD has waited to investigate Canton's hit and run driver, the car's owner, Richard Rivera, Jr., had the damage to the car repaired, destroying potentially valuable evidence.

In the meantime, Canton's attorney, Steve Vaccaro, has filed a civil suit against the operator of the vehicle, and faxed another letter to the 83rd Precinct last night after hearing what happened at the meeting.

"I have no idea why they aren't getting involved," Canton said. "Hasn't Vision Zero been implemented?"

Canton, a 37-year-old bike mechanic, said that her ankle is broken, not sprained, as was initially suspected.

"If you ever want to feel marginalized, I implore you to get on a bike and get into a horrific crash and have the police not investigate."

The NYPD has not yet responded to a request for comment.