2005_09_johnroberts.jpgWith Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist's death giving many people agita about WWDD (What Will Dubya Do?), President Bush has done what pundits have predicted (and we're not giving pundits that much credit, because given the hours they had to yak about the loss of Rehnquist, of course they were going to come up with this scenario) and nominated Supreme Court nominee John Roberts to be Chief Justice; here's the White House statement. Now, that must be some kind of burn to the sitting conservative justices, but Bush probably wants to make sure he can choose the Chief Justice for the next 20+ years. Which makes Gothamist want to delve into some Supreme Court history, or, better yet, ask our lawyer friends if the other Justices or Congress can de-Fhief a Justice (we're just curious!).

There's not much love for Judge Roberts in NYC, though NY Times columnist David Brooks seriously has a thing for him. Next up: To see if Bush picks a woman or racial minority to be nominated for the second Supreme Court opening (why can't this selection process by more of a reality show? That's how CSPAN should package it!).