Reports Neil: "a bus colided with a delivery truck that went into the scafolding on broadway btwn prince and spring." Broadway is shut down between Prince and Spring while they clear the damage-- no word yet on injuries or deaths, but police, fire, and EMT are on the scene-- "windows broken out of the bus, fireman climing in to get people out".

[Jen:] We saw firefighters started to examine how to move the truck from the scaffolding. The part of the sidewalk and scaffolding the truck hit is right where there are the Ann Taylor, Sephora and Scholastic stores. If this had been later in the day, there may have been more injuries, as vendors usually set up earrings and sunglasses stands there. And we think we saw the EMT removed the driver of the truck - he didn't look bloody, but probably just very banged up. Then the police yelled at us to leave.


More pictures here.

Update: Goth reader Mark reports: "FDNY pulled the bus out of the way, revealing a the fishmonger
truck... casualties seems to be several pieces of salmon and some tuna." Picture below!