Yesterday morning a 67-year-old roller blading Upper West Side woman was run over by an M42 bus at the intersection of 43rd Street and the Hudson River greenway and now it seems she did not have the right of way.

Shelby Grayson (who is a year younger than we originally reported) was reportedly skating south at the time of the accident and tried to squeeze between the bus and a vehicle that turned left towards the Circle Line terminal before it. "She was weaving between vehicles," a police source told the Daily News (which has some very graphic, Wizard of Oz-style pics). "The driver had the right of way."

"The bus hit her here and he didn't see her because she came from behind the trees and she was going fast," witness Hosny Abdelaal told the Post. "I heard her screaming 'Ahh, ahh!'"

Grayson was dragged under the bus and reportedly bled profusely before the FDNY was able to lift the vehicle off of her. She is now listed as being in stable condition. The bus driver is not being charged.

Meanwhile, our commenters inform us that the intersection in question is notoriously treacherous as the "greenway has a green light at the same time as traffic is allowed to turn across it. It's nutty."