Commuters waiting for the bus have been tossing their trash on the sidewalk and lawn in front of Rosanna Gennarelli's Bronx home — leaving her to face hundreds of dollars of littering summonses.

The city has repeatedly fined the 51-year-old for violations including "scattered bottles, cigarette packs, paper bags, pieces of paper, tissue wrappers and other debris in the front yard,” hitting her with $300 tickets as recently as Nov. 14 and Nov. 19. She blames the trash on the bus stop: “I fight [the tickets] because I refuse to pay for something that isn’t my fault,” said Gennarelli, who moved into the house on East Tremont Avenue between Philip and Randall avenues in 1996, and has had problems with litter since the city established a bus stop in front of her house nearly a decade ago.

Two years ago, Gennarelli purchased a trashcan for the bus stop and locked it to a pole, but according to the Bronx Times, "when the city Department of Sanitation stopped by to take the trash, the trashcan was unlocked and stolen." The agency apparently only allows trashcans at corners — not mid-block.