2008_04_howbeach.JPGA bus driver was treated for wounds to her hand after an irate rider attacked her yesterday afternoon.

The female driver of a Q11 bus had picked up a man at 165 Avenue and 104th Street in Queens. According to the Daily News, the man "apparently boarded the wrong bus, demanded she go off course." The driver stayed on route, so the guy slashed her and ran away; police have not found him.

Relations between bus drivers and passengers can be tense situations: Yesterday the Staten Island Advance published a highlighted an incident between a Metrocard-less New Dorp high school student and an S78 driver. The teen claimed other drivers let her ride without her Metrocard (she was in school uniform); she also said the driver followed her outside of the bus, hitting her with a garbage can. Previously, the MTA had said the teen started a squabble by spitting at the driver and slapping him. The teen and driver have filed criminal complaints against each other.

Last summer, a bus driver beat up a rider who didn't give up his seat for an elderly man.