2006_02_alneri.jpgRichard Bright, who appeared in all the Godfather films as Al Neri, Michael Corleone's bodyguard, was hit by a bus on the Upper West Side. The Academy bus driver didn't know he had hit Bright at 86th and Columbus at 6:30PM and proceeded to continue to the Port Authority; police caught up with the driver, but won't be pressing charges. Bright was remembered as a kind neighbor on West 85th Street and a regular at the 3 Star Coffee Shop, whose manager believes Bright was probably headed there when he was hit. The Post had the particularly grisly detail that Bright's coat and dentures were left on the street. Besides the Godfather trilogy, Bright acted in The Panic in Needle Park, Meeting Mr. Goodbar, Marathon Man, and numerous episodes of Law & Order.