Okay, so we know the slow speeds that some buses travel at don't make for the most enthralling ride ever, but when drivers start furtively texting under the wheel—while driving—like high school students under their desks, you know there's a problem. A Brooklyn bus rider nabbed a snapshot of her B47 driver with his Screen of Distraction on Wednesday night. She told NY1, "He never put the phone away to put two hands on the wheel. He drove with one hand on the wheel, while holding the phone in his other hand."

The worried passenger also said, "I was just shocked at the fact that he had his phone out, because I know people who are bus drivers, and I know for a fact that they're not even allowed to have their phone visible while they're on the job, so I had no idea I would actually see him texting while the bus is moving." But apparently, everyone's doing it, despite warnings from the bus drivers' union: 131 violators have been cited so far this year.

The MTA thoroughly disapproves as well: "MTA New York City Transit views this behavior as a serious safety concern and employs several methods aimed at convincing bus operators that we have a zero-tolerance policy...including random observation, targeted safety blitzes and routine follow-ups to complaints from customers." They seem a little more serious about this than the state has been about texting while driving a car, which is only a secondary offense. Even though this could mean a text message breakup with the MTA for the driver, he fortunately hasn't had a chance to go ballistic yet.