The city bus driver who stuck and killed 22-year-old Seth Kahn last week... will be ticketed. The Daily News reports that Jeremy Philhower will only receive a summons for failing to yield to a pedestrian, which is a noncriminal violation. This means he'll pay up to $150 or spend 15 days in jail (the latter is an unlikely outcome).

The paper reports that "detectives concluded Philhower and Kahn both had a green light when the express bus — turning left off 53rd St onto Ninth Ave — hit and killed Kahn," who was hit by the left rear tires. Though the driver was suspended for texting while on the job, and last Wednesday was his first day back, he says he was not texting when the accident occurred.

However, his Facebook status updates that were uncovered by Transit investigators (many made while behind the wheel) are unsettling, and include thoughts like: "Thinking about how many people I want to kill today." Meanwhile, NYC Transit can still suspend him or move to fire him if they determine the accident was preventable.