Poor 5-year-old Jaeden Vasquez. Even though he lives across the street from P.S. 111, someone put him on a school bus and the driver kicked him off at the last stop. The Daily News reports that the boy attends an after-school program next door in the Bronx--kids line up for the program or buses--but someone put him on a bus. Though the Department of Education says young children should not be let "off the bus unless an adult is waiting," Jaeden was booted off. He ended up asking a (thankfully) nice stranger how to get home, and she ended up taking him back to P.S. 111 in a cab. His mother said, "The school said they were sorry, but sorry wouldn't have replaced my son if he had gotten killed." DOE is investigating and only told the News, "The driver may have done something wrong... This should never have happened."