You know those little stickers plastered all over the subways and buses saying you could face up to seven years in prison for assaulting an MTA employee? Well, maybe Jason Ferreira should have read them again before punching B6 driver Gilberto Davila. Ferreira now faces up to seven years in prison for the assault, which left Davila's left eye swollen shut. Davila told the Daily News, "I'm just hoping he gets the max. I'm out here doing my job, trying to put food on the table for my family...and I have to deal with somebody's stupidity? I have to deal with being assaulted?"

Ferriera was reportedly upset at how slow the bus was going, and couldn't believe that after two whole blocks they weren't at Flatbush Avenue yet. Davila laughed and told him they still had about 20 blocks to go, to which Ferriera replied, "That's why you goddamn bus drivers always get beat up." Ferriera then punched Davila, and threw him off the bus.

A 2002 law increased the punishment for assault on transit workers, and Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes created a unit focused on investigating crimes against transit workers two years ago. Deputy District Attorney John O'Mara said, "The district attorney decided these are particularly vulnerable people. That's why the law exists, and the district attorney is vigorously enforcing the law."