091808burritoville.jpgA tipster wondered if local Mexican chain BurritoVille had gone bankrupt, seeing as how their website now redirects to Google. We've spent the last few minutes frantically trying to get someone, anyone on the phone at the various BurritoVille locations around town, with no success. A call to BSI Corp., which seems to be the corporate owner, did get answered, however. When asked if we had reached BurritoVille, the man told us, "Not anymore." He said they closed last week and would not provide any further information. Wikipedia backs him up. Dios Mio, man! Last month the East Village BurritoVille on Second Avenue closed down, but it hardly seemed like the beginning of the end for the reliable if mediocre local franchise. Anyone out there notice a shuttered BurritoVille in your travels? We never had a chance for one last goodbye burrito!