2005_09_tappanbridge.jpgThis happened a little outside of the city, but as many New Yorkers have traveled on the Tappan Zee Bridge at one point or another, we couldn't help but be amazed by the story: A tractor trailer hit a car that had pulled over to the side, causing a tremendous fire that killed the car's driver, Angel Norales. The car's passenger, Escolastico Arzu, was on fire and he jumped into the Hudson River. Arzu, who is from the Bronx, was lifted out and is at a Westchester hopistal in stable condition. Norales had taken the car to be fixed the day before, but it stalled again while on the Tappan Zee. The driver of the tractor trailor was not charged.

The NY Post notes that the Tappan Zee bridge turns 50 this December and was designed to last 50 years.

Image by WNBC