Think for a moment: Is your fire escape window locked? Because lately some burglars in Greenpoint, Brooklyn have been able to steal lots of gadgets, thanks to unlocked fire escape windows. Apparently a number of apartments in a Manhattan Avenue building were hit on December 3, with laptops, memory cards, and a camera taken; Community Board 1 Public Safety Committee member Tom Burrows said, "Nothing was broken, nothing was smashed. They didn’t damage anything. It was like there’s something sitting, they found a window open, threw it open and went in."

It's a common point of entry for thieves. A former cop also tells WCBS 2 people should lock their windows and not store anything on fire escapes, “People need to be proactive with the situation. The one thing you don’t want to do is advertise and if you’re using it to store items; you’re advertising that this window is open often." It's also believed that burglars are striking now because they know people are storing holiday gifts in their homes. Another helpful hint: Get renters insurance.