2008_11_coins.jpgAre things so bad that robbers are resorting to stealing containers of coins? The Suffolk Police tell Newsday that when three masked and armed men robbed an East Patchogue home yesterday, the robbers specifically made sure to steal a "Poland Spring water jug filled with coins." Around 2 a.m., after assaulting and robbing the 51-year-old homeowner outside (the homeowner just came back from a late night trip to buy milk), the robbers "raced...toward" the 21-year-old son's bedroom, kicked or knocked in the door and yelled, "Give me the money!" Apparently the container was a 5-gallon jug that had some paper bills in it, too, and the son had been saving money in it for a while, but fleeing a robbery with a 5-gallon jug full of coins and bills? Really?