091708prowler.jpgWhen you're robbing apartments on the Upper East Side and the lady of the house catches you in the act, the last thing you expect is for her to play the hero and overpower you. But that was the embarrassing result of ex-con Clarence Cooper's alleged break-in at the East 78th Street apartment of Christine Anderson, a 46-year-old sales manager. When Anderson returned from grocery shopping at 8:50 a.m. Sunday morning to find Cooper rummaging through her first-floor apartment, she went postal, yelling, "What the f- - - are you doing in my apartment?"She tells the Post, "My gut instinct was to defend my home and stick up for myself." After Cooper shoved her aside and ran out, she chased him into the lobby, jumped on his back and tackled him to the ground! That's just how uptown girls roll. Through Cooper managed to break free, a neighbor called 911 and police soon picked him up.