The Staten Island ninja, he was not. A would-be burglar on the Upper East Side fell to his death a little after 10 a.m. this morning after being spotted trying to break into a fifth-floor apartment on East 91st Street. "He tried to come in through the terrace, but my neighbor shut the door and called the police," fifth-floor tenant Tiffany Spencer, 28, told DNAinfo. "I guess he ran and somehow fell."

Before the police could even arrive to deal with the burglar, a building maintenance man had already called an ambulance to help peel him out of an airshaft. "I heard this bang," said James Charles, 55, a maintenance worker, told the News. Charles at first assumed it was an A.C. unit that came loose, but then, "I looked out the window and there was this guy."

It appears that the thief, recognizing that he had been spotted, tried to jump over a three-foot-divide to the the building next door, but missed his footing. He fell five stories, and was pronounced dead on the scene. Police have not yet released any further information regarding the burglar's identity.