122208bkflame.jpgDespite eliciting "universal disgust," the new Burger King FLAME™ body spray has sold out at all Ricky's locations AND on the website! Marisol, an employee at the Ricky's on First Avenue between 64th and 65th Streets, says their original shipment of 24 sold out within a matter of days, and frustrated "FLAMERS" have been calling constantly to try and track down a bottle. Although same haters compared the product's scent to the aroma of "a Burger King burning down in a horrible grease fire," Marisol told us it sold out because it smelled "nice. And spicy. It kind of smelled like Axe body spray." Why must you taunt us, Marisol!?! Okay, nobody panic; Grub Street comforts frustrated FLAME™ consumers with news that it's being sold on eBay for $76 (and rising). Or just wait until January (if you can!), when Ricky's will be getting more FLAME™ in stock.