It appears that at least until late on Tuesday afternoon, former NYPD officer Kenneth Moreno remained in custody after being sentenced to a year in jail for official misconduct, despite his attorneys filing an appeal and being granted $125,000 bail. Yesterday Moreno's defense team was still waiting for paperwork to be completed to grant his release from Rikers, although inmate look up denotes Moreno as being released on Monday. Moreno and his former partner, Franklin Mata, were acquitted in May of charges of raping a woman in her East Village apartment. Mata received a 60-day sentence this morning.

Judge Nelson Roman, who granted Moreno's release on bail, was a former NYPD officer in the Bronx from 1982 through 1989, but a spokesman for the court assured the Daily News that, "A job that [Judge Roman] had almost 30 years ago played absolutely no role in a strictly legal decision." While this may be the case, it seems somewhat flippant to refer to serving 7 years as an NYPD officer as merely "a job."

Mata's attorney also planned to appeal his client's 60 day sentence, saying, "You think I'd just let my client sit in jail?"

Update (9/9/11): Gothamist has published a long-form feature about the Rape Cop case, written by one of the jurors. It takes you behind the scenes during their deliberations, and explains how they came to their controversial verdict. Buy it today as a PDF or on Kindle.