A woman's body was discovered in a bathtub at the Soho House, the chic Meatpacking boutique hotel and club. According to WABC 7, a guest complained about water leaking from the ceiling: "Responding police discovered the unresponsive woman in the bathtub, with the water still running" at 3 a.m. this morning. The 33-year-old woman was pronounced dead at the scene and the ME's office will be determining the cause of death. Update: Now the Post reports the police are questioning the 26-year-old "son of Oscar-winning perv composer Joseph Brooks."

The Post's sources say the "woman was dressed and sitting in the bathtub with the water running... The woman had checked into the room with [Nicholas] Brooks on Wednesday. It is unknown as to why Brooks paid for a room since he lives in Manhattan." The body had no signs of trauma and no one else was in the room when police responded.

Brooks's father, Joseph Brooks, who wrote the song, "You Light Up My Life," has been accused of sexually assaulting 11 women. The elder Brooks, who has been indicted on 91 counts including rape, made bail earlier this year; his trial has yet to start.