State Senator Carl Kruger's 16 year career as a legislator will likely come to an ignominious end today, when the lawmaker is expected to plead guilty to charges of fraud and taking bribes. Kruger, a Democrat represented the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Brighton Beach, Sheepshead Bay, Gravesend, Bergen Beach, Mill Basin, and Midwood, could face up to 20 years in prison on fraud charges and a maximum sentence of five years for bribery conspiracy, the Times reports. And if Kruger pleads guilty to a felony, he automatically loses his job.

Prosecutors say Kruger took at least $1 million in bribes, which helped finance his lavish lifestyle, including a Bentley luxury sedan and a fabulous home in Mill Basin, where he lives with two gynecologist brothers and their mother. Recorded conversations between Kruger and one of his housemates, Michael Turano, reportedly reveal an intimate relationship between the two men, though Kruger denies he is gay. Turano is also expected to plead guilty today: Kruger allegedly used shell companies to launder the money, and was aided by Turano.

Sources tell the Post that money-laundering charges against both men would be dropped as part of a plea deal. It's unclear how much jail time, if any, the two men face, but "part of the deal will require [Kruger's] resignation," a source tells the Daily News. Kruger, Turano and six other men, including State Assemblyman William Boyland, lobbyist Richard Lipsky and two hospital executives, were indicted in March as part of a wide-ranging bribery scheme. Boyland was acquitted of charges in November, but three weeks later he was indicted by the feds for allegedly soliciting a quarter million dollars in payoffs while awaiting trial.

Update: Boom! Kruger just resigned, "I hereby resign my office as state senator for the 27th District, Kings County, effective immediately."

Carl Kruger Resignation Letter