2010_07_icet.jpgTMZ reports

that "Cop Killer" rapper-turned-Law & Order: SVU actor Ice-T was arrested for "allegedly driving on a suspended license, pulled over for driving without a seat belt and taken into custody." Ice T said on Twitter earlier this morning, "Up early.. @cutespartacus has to get knee surgery today.. It's a simple operation that common for bulldogs. Still sucks. Wish him luck..." In fact, his dog Spartacus also Tweeted, "Recovery time will be awesome because my mom, Coco will reward me by smothering me with her boobs.She loves hugging!I don't mind a bit."

Update: Ice T is telling the world (through Twitter) that the cops are LYING—and then gave an update about Spartacus and pondered our stupid world:

  • Some punk bitch rookie cop named Fisher #10026 Made the arrest of his bullshit career today. Arresting the Notorious Ice T for no seatbelt.
  • He said "I know who you are and I don't give a fuck!" That was right after I called him a punk bitch.. Then they questioned me about FLTG (For the uninitiated, that stands for "Final Level Twitter Gang")
  • Annnnyway... Spartacus is doing well after his surgery this morning. He'll be home tomorrow. Wow! What a morning!
  • Honestly, The fact that it made national news in 10min. Raises the question... How petty is our news today? What about the War and the Gulf?
  • RT @robsolo: Do you or do you not have a suspended license @FINALLEVEL? > NO. That's some bullshit they made up.. Lie
  • And for the record.. My license in not suspended. I don't and never had a NYC licence. I have a valid NJ licence. It was all bullshit....