A school bus carrying public school students was struck by a bullet while it was parked outside the Choir Academy of Harlem school yesterday afternoon. According to NBC New York, "The bullet, which somehow traveled from more than a block away, was among six to eight shots that were fired during a gun battle in the area."

Eleven children, ages 5 to 6, were on the bus during the 3:30 p.m. shooting. No one was injured, and the children were removed to another bus. A witness told the Daily News, "It was four or five shots. Then a pause and then three or four more. Pop, pop, pop, pop."

The police closed down East 127th Street between Park and Madison Avenues for its investigation. No arrests have been made. One neighbor told NBC New York, "This is a neighborhood filled with children. Being a parent and a mother, it's heartwrenching. And considering what's been happening in the world today, with these types of catastrophic gunfire situations, it makes you wonder, when will it stop?"