One of downtown's symbols of the economy, the "Charging Bull" sculpture by Arturo Di Modica, is for sale: DiModica is offering to sell the bull sculpture for $5 million, BUT the sculpture must stay in its Bowling Green Park home and be donated to the city. DiModica wants to raise money for some of his other projects, and his brokers have been talking to "different individuals and institutions." Gothamist thinks lots of Wall Street firms should go for it, especially Merrill Lynch since their symbol is a bull. Either way, this would be a great tax write-off!

Did you realize that DiModica and his friends had brought the 7000 pound bull to the NY Stock Exchange in the middle of the night, and the NYPD reprimanded the bull and DiModica for obstructing traffic without a permit? According to a story on Forgotten Delights, the NYSE tried to remove it, but everyone was upset so the Parks Department arranged for it to stay as a "temporary" installation. DiModica tried to sell it in 1993 for $300,000, but no one bit. DiModica told the Daily News that he will still make his "weekly late-night visits to the bull": "It's my strength. It's my life." Whenever Gothamist visits the bull, we giggle about how it's anatomically correct.

Photo from the AP