A bull and cow somehow escaped from their farm and ended up roaming Long Island for a few hours. According to Newsday (subscription required), they were "dashing across backyards, jumping over fences, cavorting on train tracks and defying the herding heroics of the locals trying to capture them," as well as "grazing serenely as drivers on Montauk Highway looked on."

In East Patchogue, a man driving by the LIRR tracks noticed the pair; Kenny Leitch told WPIX, "I glance over to my right and I see two bulls running down the tracks... I stopped immediately and jumped out of the car and tried to get them off the tracks because I heard the train coming. I didn't want an accident to happen so I got them off the tracks." Happily, the LIRR train engineer saw them and stopped the train (the train, headed to Jamaica, was only six minutes late).

Eventually, the animals' owner arrived and managed to retrieve the bull and cow with the help of police officers. Here's video showing how it wasn't all that easy—and how one resident was a little concerned that the bovines would walk across his pool cover: