After reaching a deal just minutes after the contract deadline, members of the Local 32 BJ union are thankful they didn't have to strike. "I'm happy the deal was reached. I'm very happy because no one wants to go on strike during these economic times," one doorman told the Post. The deal includes 10% wage increases over four years and and agreements to continue discussions on lowering health care costs.

Residents of doormen buildings are also relieved they didn't actually have to follow through on those volunteer sign ups. "I was most concerned about the garbage removal and keeping the building clean. I'd stockpiled large plastic garbage bags, and I'm glad I don't have to use them," said one Upper East Side resident. Though the new contract still needs to be ratified, building workers think they got a good deal. One doorman said, "My salary is good. I make $19 and change an hour, and for an unskilled laborer, that's a miracle."Aaaaaand cue everyone yelling about doormen not doing anything.