The superintendent of an apartment complex in Rye has a week to vacate after a tenant caught him on film sodomizing their pet dog. Kujtim Nicaj, who is a married father of two and is known as "Tim" to tenants, was arrested on February 9 for burglary and sexual misconduct. "I find it shocking and hard to believe," a resident tells NBC. "I don't think he'd do something like that. That's just my opinion." Hmm, how many people have ever said, "Yeah, that guy just seems like he sodomizes dogs"?

After suspecting that someone was breaking into their apartment, the tenant set up a camera and allegedly caught Nicaj entering and performing the explicit sex act with their pet. The report notes that women in the building have been complaining about Nicaj's behavior "for years." His attorney maintains his innocence, "Aside from being humiliated, he’s worried about providing for his family. It’s an amazingly difficult time for them right now. They would like nothing more than for this whole mess to go away." Nicaj is due in court on March 6.

It's tough to pinpoint how prevalent bestiality (or its kinder, consensual-based cousin zoophilia) are in society, but comparative studies of 100 students conducted in 1974 at the University of Northern Iowa found that 11% of college students engaged in sexual conduct with an animal.