Since last week, Brian Berg has been building a replica New York City skyline at ABC's Good Morning America set using 178,000 playing cards, no glue and no tape. Gothamist went to check out the installation last night in Times Square (yeah, we're not happy about going to Times Square). Thankfully, no Naked Cowboy in sight. While it's difficult to make out the buildings from the street, we could see that there was a replica Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, and he was working on Yankee Stadium, which he started yesterday.

The reason for all this playing card madness? It's a fundraiser for the tsunami victims, which is the reason for the number of cards. ABC and Berg are urging people to donate to Feed the Children, Habitat for Humanity, and Mercy Corps.

Berg will continue building until February 21st when he will have completed his skyline and the project will be dismantled. More photos of the cards on Tien's site.