A tipster from 119 West 23rd Street just wrote in saying the building was evacuated earlier this afternoon for over in hour in what was originally thought to be a gas leak. She writes: "So all us employees at Tekserve (and the offices above) were just evacuated for about an hour after a stinky rotten egg smell permeated the building. Thought it might be a gas leak, but it turns out that someone at the salon on one of the upper floors poured some heavy-duty professional-grade drain cleaner in the pipes. Incorrectly." Woops. The fumes aren't dangerous, but Sarah Lewitinn (aka Ultragrrrl) was also in the building at the time and panic-Twittered about some of the side effects: "My lips feel numb and weird as do my legs. Lightheaded. Not cool. TELL PPL THERE'S A GASLEAK!" UPDATE:Lewitinn says several people in the building are sick, and worries that it may have been something harmful leaking. And given that Con Ed might be involved, she may have reason to be!