2005_03_babymugging.jpgThe sad fact of life in the city is that there are robberies. But when you hear about a robber turning a gun on a baby, somehow the crime becomes even more reprehensible. During a morning walk across Central Park, Catherine Collins, with her 3-month baby in tow, was mugged for her engagement and wedding rings. Little did the robber know that the blinging 5-carat ring that may have attracted his attention was a fake Collins bought when she got too fat to wear her real one (the other ring was a real $7,000 Tiffany eternity band). After taking the rings and pointing the gun at the baby, the robber yelled for Collins to go.

The NY Times notes various Central Park crime stats (lower crime than a decade ago) and says that Collins "let her guard down" because yesterday was so beautiful and she was happy to be in the park. Newsday's article points another reason why she may have been targeted: The pricey Bugaboo stroller. At any rate, Collins, a lifelong New Yorker whose father is a commentator on Channel 5, showed her grit - admitting she was lucky but "Give me a day or two and I'll go back in [Central Park]" - and humor - "He's a real New Yorker - now that he's been mugged finally and he's not even 4 months old."

Here are some safety tips from the NYPD. More on trendy strollers at Daddy Types and having a baby in a city at urbanbaby.