Hey, Upper East Siders, plan on waiting for the Second Avenue Subway a little longer! Because the MTA only received about $21 billion of the almost $28 billion they had requested from the state, construction plans for the Second Avenue Subway, downtown rail link to JFK, and LIRR link to Grand Central will be delayed, as will the planned uprades for various subway stations. The NY Times has the skinny on the stations:

The 12 stations where repairs would be delayed include Lawrence Street on the M and R lines in Brooklyn; 47th-50th Streets at Rockefeller Center on the B, D, F and V lines in Midtown Manhattan; 71st and Continental Avenues on the E, F, G, R and V lines in Forest Hills, Queens; and five stations along the N line in Brooklyn.

Several stations would receive only urgently needed repairs, instead of a full-scale rehabilitation: Smith and Ninth Streets on the F and G lines in Brooklyn; Chambers Street on the Nos. 1 and 9 lines in TriBeCa; and Chambers Street on the J, M and Z lines in Lower Manhattan.

Gene Russianoff, NYPIRG and Straphangers lawyer, said he was disappointed that the subway station rehabs had to be put off - and that the stations getting attention tended to be in Manhattan. Gothamist assumes that besides being shorted hundreds of millions of dollars, part of the reason why many program have to be tabled is to get the whole system up to grade in other respects: Fixing signals, making sure there's working fire alarms and fire equipment, clearing the tracks of debris. We hope that whomever is in the Governor's Mansion next year will be serious about making sure the MTA is supported, because Pataki has been all talk and no action (JFK rail link, for one).

So, maybe there will be sidewalk cafes a little longer.