Residents in NY and Pennsylvania breathed a huge sigh of relief when Ralph "Bucky" Phillips surrendered to police last night. Phillips is wanted in the shootings of three state troopers - one of whom died from his injuries - during his many months on the lam after breaking out of an Eric County jail. Phillips had been added to the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list (the NY Times noted, "just three names down from Osama bin Laden"), but police were able to track him yesterday when they found a car they suspected he had stolen and abandoned. The bloodhounds were able to track his scent, and Phillips surrendered from the Pennsylvania woods (right at the Penn-NY border) unarmed with helicopters and SWAT teams and US Marshals starting to surround him.

People cheered on law enforcement when Phillips was taken away and thanked the police in all sorts of ways. The NY Times reports that he was found right before the manhunt was supposed to be stopped. The NY State Police's superintendent Wayne Bennett said, "The bottom line is the pressure was so great on him. The game was up and he knew it... Now this miserable creature will suffer for the rest of his life in the New York state prison system."

Photograph of Phillips in the back of a police car by David Duprey/AP