Gothamist doesn't know what's sadder: The fact that the standardized tests city 7th graders are taking doesn't quite match up with their bubble sheets to fill in the answers or that this isn't the first time that it's happened. You'd think that if the state is testing kids' English with an exam, there would be answer sheets that correlate to the test, but five of the twenty-six questions offers answers as A, B, C, or D, while the sheet where the kid fills in the correct bubble only has F, G, H, and J as possible answers. What's brilliant is that the city created the answer sheets for the test, so the error would seeminly lie with the city education test administrators. The error was found first before the test, so kids were told repeatedly about the needing to use the F bubble for A answers, etc. The Department of Education says the test is still valid, but we are sure various parents and teachers' union groups will be combing over city results with a fine tooth comb.

This happened before on a test for 3rd graders in 2004, who got more time because alphabet letters are confusing.