Five people were injured yesterday when a tree snapped in half and fell in the middle of Bryant Park. The incident happened just before 4 p.m. at the south side of Bryant Park. All five people, three men and two women, were taken to Bellevue Hospital with minor injuries.

One man was pinned underneath a tree; several people rushed to lift it off of him. One 22-year-old woman suffered a broken arm. Another one of the injured was a young girl, who suffered lacerations. One witness told the Times that the tree barely missed a nearby children’s area furnished with colorful chairs and tables.

"Missed this Bryant Park Tree falling on all of us sitting here by 2 feet!!!!" said Reiva Cruze, who Instagrammed the photo above. "Some of the other New Yorkers were not so lucky and and I'm wishing them well." Another witness told NY1, "It was hectic. My other friend said that when they heard the tree coming down, they all scattered. He didn't get a chance to move that quick."

"Testing will take place to determine the cause of the tree's failure. The Bryant Park Corporation maintains a vigilant tree-pruning and evaluation program throughout the year," the park's management company said in a statement.

The Times had a story about the dangers of neglected, rotting trees a few years back:

Lawyers and investigators hired by the victims have gathered parks records, taken sworn testimony from city officials and parks workers, and hired tree-care experts to review city procedures. The collected evidence, taken together with public records and interviews with outside experts and parks officials, depicts an overstretched and haphazard system of tree inspections and care, one in which the crucial job of spotting dangers can be left to untrained workers, and repairs and pruning are delayed to save money.

This has been an unfortunate too-regular occurrence in Central Park in particular: a 33-year-old man was placed into a coma after a branch hit him in 2009; three people were injured by a falling branch in 2010; a baby was killed by a fallen tree branch near the Central Park Zoo also in 2010; and in 2013, a woman was seriously injured by a branch.