The victim of a brutal beating following a Ranger-Flyers hockey game earlier this year spoke to NBC New York about the ordeal. NJ cop and Iraq War veteran Neal Auricchio showed where his orbital bone was broken—and also his still-bloodied eye—and described the altercation outside of Geno's Steaks, "They grabbed my friend's hat, threw a cigarette in it, threw one at me."

The beating of Auricchio and his friend, both Rangers fans, was captured on video. The Philadelphia police issued an edited video, asking the public to identify the three assailants in Flyers jerseys who were seen in the footage. Auricchio said he told the attackers, "I said, 'Relax, it's just a game,'" attempting to de-escalate the situation. "Then I was overwhelmed by a mob, punched and knocked to the ground."

One suspect Dennis Veteri, who was arrested after numerous tips, allegedly yelled, "Welcome to South Philadelphia, (expletive)!" NBC New York reports that Auricchio "tried to protect his head from being kicked. Then, when he staggered to his feet, he was blindsided by another punch and knocked unconscious." He suffered a concussion and a fractured orbital bone, which needs surgery.

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Veteri is out on $400,000 bail. Auricchio's lawyer said that they will pursue a civil suit, because there was no security around at the time. Auricchio also mentioned the tickets to the Winter Classic game were a Christmas gift from his wife.