On Sunday night, a 23-year-old woman walking home with her groceries on the 133 block of 41st Road in Flushing when she was struck on the head with a metal pipe, dragged into an alley and raped with the pipe. Luckily, someone saw the attack and called police, who were able to arrest the suspected attacker, who was walking away. And police knew Carlos Salazar Cruz was the suspect, because his shirt was covered in blood. The woman is now on life support (some reports say she is brain dead) and Cruz was arraigned on numerous charges, including attempted murder, assault, and sexual assault.

The victim, who recently immigrated from China on a student visa and was living with an uncle, is in grave condition, with a "fractured skull, bleeding on the brain and trauma to the vagina." Assemblyman Grace Meng told the Daily News, "She was working in a nail salon, saving up money. She was going to start attending school. "She had good grades in China. That's why her parents wanted her to come and expand her horizons." Now Meng and Rep. Gary Ackerman are working to get an expedited visa for the victim's mother to come to the U.S.

Queens District Attorney Brown said, “The brutal attack and sexual assault allegedly carried out by the defendant was apparently unprovoked. Should the victim, who is in critical condition die, the charges will be upgraded.” Cruz, who came to the U.S. from Mexico two years ago, was reportedly drunk and his family claims he blacked out; his sister said, "He woke up and found himself cuffed to the hospital bed. He never acted violently....We just don't know why he would do this. We can't explain it."