The NYPD released really disturbing surveillance footage showing two men beating a man outside a Bronx apartment building.

According to the NY Post, the victim is Pelagio de La Cruz, a Boston-area radio talk show host on WESX who was visiting his children in University Heights. He was returning to their apartment building around 3:30 a.m. on Sunday, after having a few drinks at a nearby restaurant.

As de la Cruz stood at the door of the building ringing the buzzer, a surveillance camera captured one of the men approaching him from behind. As de la Cruz began to turn, the man swung a bat striking the victim on the side of the head.

As de la Cruz slumped to the ground the man proceeded to viciously strike him seven more times as he lay on the ground. A second man then comes into frame on the surveillance footage and the two can be seen rifling through the victim's pockets.

They stole a cell phone, wallet and gold chain.

The Daily News reports that police believe the suspects were cruising for an "easy target." After 30-45 minutes, a passerby noticed him and called 911. De La Cruz "has not regained consciousness, suffered several broken bones in his face... will need to undergo extensive reconstructive surgery" and "may also lose an eye." The station manager for WESX, a Spanish-language station, said, "“He is a friendly guy who likes chatting with everybody and anybody. He is very outspoken, very friendly and humble.”